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1-6 pm


1320 S. Monroe Street


Waffles & Brews is a collaborative art exhibition hosted annually by Alien Astronauts.
Since its conception, only one art show in Tallahassee has held more than 1,000 attendees featuring artists from all corners of the Southeastern United States. It opened as a traditional art show and matured into an art experience. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is Waffles & Brews; hosted by the innovative minds of Alien Astronauts, an artist collective.

Following its premiere in 2013, Waffles & Brews has evolved into an annual event where artists (local and abroad) present their best work to the public. Applications are accepted prior to the show and each submission is carefully selected to ensure only culturally enriching pieces are chosen. Waffles & Brews is a free-event, where art lovers of all ages can enjoy free waffles, brews, great music, spoken word performances, and of course beautiful artisanship. Waffles & Brews truly provides a unique, illuminate atmosphere for the Tallahassee community.

FAMU Homecoming: 2017 Waffles & Brews Art Exhibition

This year the 5th Annual Waffles & Brews Tallahassee Art Exhibition will be take place during FAMU’s Homecoming in Tallahassee, FL.

Sunday, October 15th to be exact from 1-6pm.

Free Entry. (with rsvp)

Free Waffles.

Free Brews.

Free Thinking.

30+ Artists.


Secret Location.

..and of course, Mind-Blowing Artwork.


Freedom: 2016 Waffles & Brews Art Exhibition

AfroFuturism: 2015 Waffles & Brews Art Exhibition

Process: 2014 Waffles & Brews Art Exhibition

Launch Event: 2013 Waffles & Brews Art Exhibition



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